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New kitchen worktop trends: Dekton

Practicality and durability are key requirements for any materials used in the kitchen. After all, it’s where we spend most of our time when we’re at home – the kitchen is the heart of the home. And did you know that your kitchen worktop is the single most used surface in the room?

Home owners are increasingly after excellent performance as well as looks when it comes to choosing a stone kitchen worktop. Quartz Composite is a popular solution, prized for its sophisticated appearance in a vast range of colours and a polished finish that feels like natural stone. As a manmade surface, it’s resistant to staining, scratching and heat, doesn’t require any sealing and has antibacterial properties – perfect for a kitchen environment.

However, if you like Quartz Composite, you’ll love this relative new kid on the kitchen worktop block: Dekton – a new type of surface from world leading quartz brand Cosentino. One of the latest manmade stones on the market, it uses a blend of raw materials processed via sinterised particle technology to produce an ultracompact surface that is extremely hard wearing. Some claim it’s a magical surface for your kitchen worktop that solves all your problems once and forever.

Here’s what a Dekton worktop can do for your kitchen.

1 – Dekton is 100% scratch resistant.

A Dekton worktop will not scratch, however heavy handed you may be with a kitchen knife. In fact, it will be the knife that gets damaged, not the worktop. If you have expensive kitchen utensils and chef’s knives and are motivated to prolong their lifespan, you may wish to use a chopping board, for that reason.

2 – Dekton is UV resistant.

Unlike regular Quartz Composite worktops, Dekton is resistant to light, meaning the colour of your worktop won’t fade, even with prolonged or regular sun exposure. This makes the material ideal for use in a sunny kitchen, and even an outdoor BBQ area.

3 – Dekton is stain proof

Natural and composite stone worktops have varying degrees of porosity – however Dekton is completely stain proof. Even the toughest stains – think red wine, turmeric, vinegar, coffee or bleach and harsh chemicals – won’t leave a mark.

4 – Dekton is highly temperature resistant

A Dekton worktop can easily handle hot pans directly placed upon it without burning, scorching or cracking. What’s more, the material’s low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it thermal shock proof from extreme heat and cold – freezing and thawing won’t affect it either.

5 – No sealing required

Other kitchen worktops such as marble and even granite worktops can wear over time and may need sealing or polishing to restore their appearance. Dekton is totally resistant to abrasion, meaning no regular maintenance or periodic resurfacing treatments are necessary.

Since Dekton is so strong, large pieces can be manufactured in thicknesses that are less than other worktop materials, but retaining the same strength to withstand the levels of wear and tear expected of a kitchen worktop. Choose from 3cm, 2cm and 8mm thin surfaces and large sheets up to 320mm x 1440mm in size.

Dekton kitchen worktops are available in 36 different colours across 4 collections – Solid Collection, Natural Collection, Wild Collection and Tech Collection – and in a range of different and unique finishes that include Smooth Matte, Textured Matte, Wood Concrete, Brush Hammered, Slate and Dekton X-Gloss.

For further information on our range of premium Dekton kitchen worktops, please contact Chandler Stoneworks on 01903 885941 or email us your enquiry here.

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